White Tango Night in The Heights – Sunday August 17


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Milonga Abrazos at Lupa’s Coffee in College Station – Saturday August 30

Milonga Abrazos Aug 20 2014

Download the PDF Flyer

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Milonga Brasileña with DJ Arturo at Emporio Brazilian Café – Saturday August 2

cafebrazil-Arturo (1)
Milonga Brasileña – Saturday, August 2, 9 p.m .-midnight

Hungry for tango?  How about Brazilian food and wine to go with it?  Check out Emporio’s promotional video from 2013 and head on out.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0SaclkG5JQ

The staff, owners, other diners, and the tango community would be happy to have you join us.   DJ Arturo will provide a great selection of music.

Emporio Brazilian Café, 12288 Westheimer. Reservations are accepted and encouraged. (281) 293-7442 There is no charge for admission so please buy dinner or drinks to support the restaurant.
DJ Arturo Rappi

Hosts: Rick and Teresa, ricwms@swbell.net or terwms@swbell.net (281) 589-2644

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2012 World Champions – Facundo De La Cruz and Paola Sanz in Houston – September 3 -10


Facundo and Paola are talented representatives of a young generation of dancers who are dedicated to the art and tradition of tango salon. The provinces of Cordoba and Chubut were their dance home for 10 years, 6 of whom have danced together. Independent exploration of the essence of tango salon, elegance, connection and musicality has allowed them to create a product that is unique and traditional. After winning several titles in recognition of their talent in some competitions in Argentina, Facundo and Paola moved to Buenos Aires in 2011 to be an active element of the tango capitol that has the greatest influence on the world. In 2012 they scored the dream goal of every salon tango dancer and won the Championship of the year . Now they inspire tango communities around the world with the elegance and passion of the traditional tango. Let us celebrate masterful and harmonious dance of Facundo and Paola in Houston!

Friday, September 5th

7.30-9.00 Pm -Milonga:
Cadence and milonga lisa rhythm, phrasing and pauses, functional steps to the dance floor;
11Pm – Demonstration dance by the champions at Tango Cielo.

Saturday, September 6th

1.30 -3.00 Pm – Work in couples :
Tips for refinement, complicity, uniformity and style in the embrace;
3.30-5.00 Pm- Salon Style:
Musicality , dancing distinct sound of various orchestras.

Sunday, September 7th

1.30 -3.00 Pm – Tango Milonguero :
Tips for linear and circular sacadas and barridas, monitoring movement in reduced spaces;
3.30-5.00 Pm- Vals:
Exploring the vals musicality using different dynamics and turns.

Prices :
Friday Milonga – $10;
Single lesson – $30;
Two lessons – $55
All Five lessons – $ 120
Lessons are held at Tango Cielo, 3710 Main st, Houston Tx.
To reserve your spot, book a private, get more information please contact Indre- indrerapal@gmail.com, 713 319 4330


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Milonga Brasileña at Emporio Brzailian Café with DJ “El Gringo Rick” | Saturday July 5

9 p.m .-midnight
Things have been hopping at the restaurant with all the World Cup activities and business is booming.  Let’s help them keep their great business going by supporting them again for another milonga.  They are always happy to see such a great group of people.  Join us for a night of dinner and dancing to DJ Gringo Rick’s tandas.
Emporio Brazilian Café, 12288 Westheimer. Reservations are accepted and encouraged. (281) 293-7442 There is no charge for admission so please buy dinner or drinks to support the restaurant.
DJ Rick Williams

Hosts: Rick and Teresa, ricwms@swbell.net or terwms@swbell.net (281) 589-2644

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Monday tango lessons and practica with Susana at Tierra del Fuego restaurant in Sugarland

susana tango in houston

2110 Town Square Place, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Tango lesson info: (832) 646-3149

Restaurant info and reservations:

(832) 999-4045 | (877) 754-2104



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Milonga Brasileña with DJ Adriano Quintana | Saturday June 7

cafebrazil-Adriano (4)9pm – midnight

DJ Adriano will be providing the music for your dancing pleasure at June’s milonga. Come out of the heat and into the cool restaurant for a great night of dining and dancing. If you can fit it into your busy summer schedule, we’ll see you there.

Emporio Brazilian Café, 12288 Westheimer. Reservations are accepted and encouraged. (281) 293-7442 There is no charge for admission so please buy dinner or drinks to support the restaurant. DJ Adriano Quintana

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Susana Miller Tango Milonguero Workshops | June 19-26


Susana Miller is the preeminent teacher of Argentine Tango in the Milonguero Style, a term she coined to introduce tango apilado to students around the world. Milonguero Style is a synthesis of Susana’s studies over the years of the unique dancing styles of the older milongueros. She was the first person to study the anonymous and intuitive milongueros’ dance, to enjoy tango in the same way they have done for decades: dancing socially. She has a gift for deciphering their distinct vocabularies and choreographic combinations, and transmitting these to her students. In this way she has developed a rich language that condenses more than a hundred years of tango tradition. Her work as a teacher has shaped tango as we know it now, not only in Buenos Aires, but also around the world.
Her ability to focus on key concepts and communicate them with ease distinguishes her from her predecessors, since she can – with a language as technically correct as it is accessible – share the secrets of the Porteña milonga with everyone who wants to become part of it. Teacher of teachers, she has worked with most of the renowned milonguero teachers and is constantly training new generations of professional instructors. She has toured all around the world.

Workshop Particulars

Each class builds on what is learned in the previous: It is recommended to take the entire sequence per day or the whole package (while also taking advantage of the discount!)

Saturday June 21 2014

A 1:00-2:15: What is inside the tango? This is a workshop for EVERYBODY, for all levels and all styles of tango, Foundations: Balance, connection, posture, embrace.
Rhythm. The walking has all the “mantras”. We “dance on the tile”. How to AVOID feet and spine PAIN. We use feet like hands.

B 2:45-4:00: Tango – Intermediate: Steps are situations. Basics to develop impeccable navigation. We use our vulnerability, not our strength. The dialogue between our bodies is instinctive. Energy and fluidity versus strength and control. Remembering and forgetting. We change the programming: let’s dance BAD to dance GOOD. Balance in back ochos for women and men.

Bring a camera to record in the last 5 minutes (note: recording allowed only when announced)

C 4:30-5:45: Tango – Advanced
A sequence of one of the great milongueros who is no longer among us: a giro (turn) with traspie and sacada. Balance technique in turns for leader & follower. Then a mind-blowing backwards corrida! I will show it to you!

Bring a camera or phone to record in the last five minutes (note: recording only allowed when announced).

Sunday June 22 2014

D 1:00-2:15: Tango Vals – Intermediate & Advanced
Vals and Tango share the same sequences. It is the rhythmic model that creates the vals. Learn a turn that never ends! A traspie that is exceedingly “porteno”! The woman “flies” around the body of the man. The man leads but follows. The woman “listens to the body” of his partner. The result is a spontaneous act.

Bring a camera or phone to record in the last five minutes (note: recording only allowed when announced).

E 2:45-4:00: Technique for Women – All levels.
Balance, embrace, posture. The actions of the legs are from “somebody else”. How to “listen to his body”.
This class is recommended for men, too!
Bring socks as well as dance shoes.

F 4:30-5:45: Milonga – All levels. Classic Milonga Caminada for all levels. A special traspie for advanced. Gain a deeper understanding of the rhythm of the milonga.
We will also dance with alternative music.

Bring a camera or phone to record in the last five minutes (note: recording only allowed when announced).

All 6 classes……………………………….$120.00
Any 3 classes: ……………………………..$ 60.00
Individual classes…….……………………$ 25.00

Note: Susana reserves the right to change or adjust the syllabus at any point during the workshop based on the students’ skill /comfort level.

Mail check payable to: Srinivas Vishnubhotla, 1824 Rosedale St. Apt 1 Houston TX 77004 or via paypal to bhotla@gmail.com

Private Lessons: Susana will be available One Hour Private Lessons, first come first served. All individuals for privates must come with a partner, though instruction will be dedicated to person taking the class. Lessons are $100.0/single or $120.0/couple (plus floor fee, if it applies). Contact Srini at 832.282.6894 or bhotla@gmail.com for questions.


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Milonga Abrazos in College Station | Saturday May 31

milonga abrazos in college station
Milonga Abrazos in College Station invites Houston tango community to dance with us!

Please join us on May 31st, 8pm – 12midnight in College Station, at

Shelli Kruger’s School of Dance
809 University Dr. East ste 103-B
(plaza next to College Station Hilton, University Dr. exit off 6th)

DJ: Joe

8pm – 12midnight  dancing
Snacks served all night.

Cost $10
Students $5

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Tango Tastings with Susana Collins | Wednesdays 8:30 to 9:30

tango tastings with susana collins

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