La Practica Dominguera New Location: Tango Malbec


We are very pleased to announce the new home of  “La Practica Dominguera”. With brand new floor, adhoc for Tango, restaurant Tango Malbec has open their doors to host our Practica Dominguera. Isadora and Mauro’s all level class 4:00-5:00 pm. Practica with DJ ggluna 5:00-7:00 pm. Come to learn technique and new steps while enjoying the great ambiance and enjoy the great wine selection and delicious food that Tango Malbec offers.

Class: $10.00                Practica: $5.00

2800 Sage Rd Ste A-100. Houston, TX 77056

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Marian Inés Bogado Workshops July 6-11

Maria Ines Bogado_2017

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June 10 – Milonga Mil Alturas with DJ Fil Cruz Jr

Greetings, Houston!  Get ready to welcome the summer season with the next Mil Alturas on June 10.  Envision balmy summer nights, picnics and watermelon, turquoise oceans…and a soundtrack by the one and only DJ Fil Cruz Jr.! 9pm-1am, 3221 Houston Ave, Houston, zip code 77009, $12 admission, BYOB, midsummery bites will be provided. Spacious wooden dance floor, large free/lighted parking, additional street parking nearby. Doorway entrance is located in the center of the shopping center, look for “Dauntless Dance” on the awning. Brought to you by hostesses Denise Batschauer and Bonnie Singh.

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Milonga Brasileña -June 3, 8-11 p.m.


Wondering what to do on a Saturday night?  No problem.  Polish your tango shoes and head over to the west side.  Try some Brazilian food.  Savor the international wines.  And don’t forget to dance.  DJ Adriano will provide the evening’s music.  Come on out.
Emporio Brazilian Grill, 12288 Westheimer. Reservations are accepted and encouraged. (281) 293-7442  There is no charge for admission, so please buy dinner or drinks to support the restaurant.

DJ Adriano Quintana

Hosts: Rick and Teresa, or  (281) 589-2644
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Milonga Ay Lolita! May 27, 9 PM – 1 AM

Saturday, May 27, 9 PM – 1 AM

2337 Bissonnet St, Houston, Texas 77005

Traditional milonda at the Russian Cultural Center.
Organizer – Lola Vayner. DJ – Susana Miller!
Great venue, amazing music, warm atmosphere, raffle in the middle of the milonga and more!
Entrada: $10 at the door
Free parking around the building
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Susana Miller tango workshops May 27-28 2017

Susana Miller returns to Houston May 27-28 2017

Susana Miller is the preeminent teacher of Argentine Tango in the Milonguero Style, a term she coined to introduce tango apilado to students around the world. Milonguero Style is a synthesis of Susana’s studies over the years of the unique dancing styles of the older milongueros. She was the first person to study the anonymous and intuitive milongueros’ dance, to enjoy tango in the same way they have done for decades: dancing socially. She has a gift for deciphering their distinct vocabularies and choreographic combinations, and transmitting these to her students. In this way she has developed a rich language that condenses more than a hundred years of tango tradition. Her work as a teacher has shaped tango as we know it now, not only in Buenos Aires, but also around the world.

Her ability to focus on key concepts and communicate them with ease distinguishes her from her predecessors, since she can – with a language as technically correct as it is accessible – share the secrets of the Porteña milonga with everyone who wants to become part of it. Teacher of teachers, she has worked with most of the renowned milonguero teachers and is constantly training new generations of professional instructors. She has toured all around the world.

Workshop Details

Saturday May 27 2017

Class A 1.00 PM – 2.15 PM For Everyone

Learning the 5 basics teaches you all the rest. We learn through repetition.
1.The weight of the body is transferred just like when you walk, without thinking.
2. Exercises for muscle memory. Fluidity and balance. Steps are infinite, but movement and technique are not. They apply to all steps and figures.
3. Rhythm. Rhythmic structure is what teaches us to dance. Fun exercises to recognize rhythm.
4 & 5. The abrazo, the walk and floor navigation. The technique of the embrace. Walking in double time. Walking within one floor tile. Navigating the milonga dance floor.

Class B 2.45 PM – 4.00 PM Intermediate and Advanced, Tango to D’Arienzo

We’ll dance the spirit of the orchestras; the steps are only skin-deep. With D’Arienzo, the steps are shorter and there are more double times. Turns and counter-turns. Musicality. For women – the ocho cortado with traspié. Dancing is not just “following.” Let’s be creative within the lead.

Class C 4.30 PM – 5.45 PM Advanced Tango Vals

Rhythm, technique for balance in turns, without opening up the abrazo. Three fundamental keys. Incredible sequences from Tete. A turn with a double sacada, a circular corrida going backwards. A phrase from an old milonguero when he invited a woman to dance a waltz: “Do you want to step onto the carousel?”

Sunday May 28 2017

Class D 1.00 PM – 2.15 PM Milonga for All levels

Walking Milonga , with traspié. How to get into and out of the traspié. Technique for doing the traspié. A special traspié. You’ll learn milonga using everyday objects as percussion instruments. In the same tanda, there are milongas that are faster than others. How do you adapt to them?

Class E 2.45 PM – 4.00 PM Women’s Technique, All levels

Also useful for men, who are welcome to participate.

Dancing means finding yourself within your body, regardless of the style danced. Balance, presence and connection. Posture, embrace. How to place your feet on the floor to avoid metatarsal pain. When to bend and extend the knees.

Walking backwards, the cross, back ochos, walking forward, turns and pauses, standing on one leg. A simple, but fancy, foot game. We only have 6 movements. To follow, we have to be “available,” not attentive. We “hear” our body and that of our partner.

Class F Intermediate and Advanced, Tango to Pugliese

We’ll dance the spirit of the orchestras; the steps are only skin-deep. Pugliese: the interpretation of silences and suspensions. Dance “speaks” and the steps are its words. Silences and accents are its intention. How “say” a lot by doing a little. Technique for stopping on one’s axis. Milonguero boleo and barrida. Differences between Pugliese and D’Arienzo in the same sequence.

Other information for registration

All Classes will take place at Claire School of Dance 2nd Floor Lambert Hall 1703 Heights Blvd. Houston TX 77008. For more information or questions: or, (832)282-6894

All 6 classes…………………….…………………………….$150.00 Any 3 classes: …………..…………………………………..$ 80.00 Individual classes……..……………….……………………$ 30.00

Mail check payable to: Srinivas Vishnubhotla, 1813 W Main St, Houston, TX 77098 or via paypal to

Each class builds on what is learned in the previous: It is recommended to take the entire sequence per day or the whole package (while also taking advantage of the discount!)

Susana reserves the right to change or adjust the syllabus at any point during the workshop based on the students’ skill /comfort level.

Bring a camera or phone to record in the last five minutes (note: recording only allowed when announced).

It is strongly advised that the registered students for the workshop arrive early and begin warming up before the workshop session of their choice begins.

Private Lessons: Susana will be available One Hour Private Lessons, first come first served. All individuals for privates must come with a partner, though instruction will be dedicated to person taking the class. Lessons are $100.0/single or $120.0/couple (plus floor fee, if it applies).

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Dear Houston tango dancers, Practica Dominguera is moving effective this Sunday May 7th. Come try our new wood floors by Roberts floors recently installed at Tango Malbec. I like to share my gratitude To Caren Flanagan for providing her studio for so many years and Sue and Alex for giving us so many years of great tango moments. This practica tradition will continue in the Houston tango community for your enjoyment. 4pm all levels class with Mauro and Isadora. 5pm to 7pm practica with Dj Georgina, $10 for class $5 for practica .
TO BE HELD AT : TANGO & MALBEC RESTAURANT , 2800 Sage rd A 100 Houston Tx 77056
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Practica Dominguera

Practica and all levels class, La Dominguera continues every Sunday at River Oaks Pilates Studio.
4:00 pm to 5:pm all levels class with Mauro and Isadora. Classes builds up from a simple step to a more complex combination. We hope you like the challenge 😉
$10 per person at the door.
5:00 PM to7 PM Practica. Have fun practicing what you have learned! DJ ggluna
Class: $10  Practica: $5
River Oaks Pilates Studio 3425 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, Texas 77098.


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Carolina & Donato are coming back to Texas

Carolina & Donato _5

Registration is now OPEN! You can register in 2 simple steps:

1. Look at the class descriptions and pricing below, make your choices, EMAIL us at with the list of classes you would like to register.

2. We send you a PayPal.Me link for the exact amount of the classes OR
from your PayPal account send the monies to email address, PLEASE make sure to choose sending money to “FRIENDS or FAMILY” option and put your full name and email address in the notes section.

Follow Facebook Event Carolina & Donato are coming back to Texas

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Milonga Brasileña – May 6, 8-11 p.m.


It’s going to be a busy tango weekend, and we are still scheduled to hold our monthly milonga.  We hope some of you can come and support the restaurant if you are not attending other tango activities that night.  DJ Arturo will be playing tunes for your dancing pleasure and, as always, the food and wine will be fabulous.

Emporio Brazilian Grill, 12288 Westheimer. Reservations are accepted and encouraged. (281) 293-7442.  There is no charge for admission, so please buy dinner or drinks to support the restaurant.

DJ Arturo Rappi

Hosts: Rick and Teresa, or  (281) 589-2644

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