Classes with Iryna Ilyk and Luis Zuleta

Iryna Classes 4.25 x 5.5


The program includes 4 weeks’ cycle to introduce the dancer to linear and circular movement, tango, and its specifics. Classes cover such aspects as balance, axes, and dissociation exercises. We learn to dance in tango embrace and communicate through it.


Classes are balanced between techniques of body movement and emotional connection through the dance. Open conversations on psychology of tango and its input in our life. Techniques bring higher awareness of your body, focusing on nonverbal communication with the partner to create very smooth movement together. Establishing clear understanding of the leader and follower role in the dance to become one. Musicality classes to allow you to feel the entire depth of the beautiful Argentinian Tango music and to find you own way to interpret it on the dance floor.


Everyone who wants to improve their skills as a follower and learn more about the follower’s role in tango is welcome. Please bring your questions and we will discover the answers together. Throughout this series we will not only be growing in our technical skills, extending our sensitivity, and practicing nonverbal conversation with our partner, but also having fun learning our responsibilities as a follower.


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